How to prevent genital itching?

How to prevent genital itching?

The high incidence and erratic gynecological diseases have caused headaches for female friends. Among them, genital itching is the most common, which brings a lot of inconvenience to daily life and work.

So what should I do to prevent genital ulcers?

Let’s take a look at how to implant external penis itch in life.

Prevent genital itching should be done 1, wear cotton ventilated pants, usually try to wear cotton ventilated inner and outer pants, keep dry, usually do not try to use sanitary pads if the secretions are not much, if you use it must be changed frequently, so as not to avoidBreeding bacteria.

2, normal sexual life, simple multiple vaginitis infections are transmitted from sexual behavior, if there are too many sexual partners, it is difficult to control whether the infection is the case, so as long as the sex life is simple, the chance of contracting vaginitis will be greatlycut back.
3, do not over-clean the vagina under normal circumstances, our vagina will maintain its own pH balance, try not to clean the vagina with detergent or disinfectant, or even excessive brushing, which may even damage the balance of the vaginal environment, there areMay cause vaginal injury, so usually just rinse with warm water.

4, do not abuse antibiotics antibiotics must be approved by the physician and prescription, because antibiotics can kill bacteria, but it will promote the growth of mold, so do not abuse antibiotics.

5, eat less irritating food, let us usually have a healthy and balanced diet, eat less irritating food, let the immune system move normally.
6, happy mood to maintain a happy mood is also a good way to enhance immunity, in addition to normal life and work should be normal, in order to make the immune system work properly.