[Hawthorn Slimming Tea__Hawthorn Slimming Tea_How to Drink_How to Drink

[Hawthorn Slimming Tea__Hawthorn Slimming Tea_How to Drink_How to Drink

Hawthorn is a fruit that people like. It tastes very good. At the same time, it is rich in nutrients and rich in many chemical ingredients that are good for human health. Therefore, eating hawthorn can strengthen the spleen and appetite, promote blood circulation, and reduce phlegm.It is mentioned that hawthorn also has the effect of losing weight, and some hawthorn slimming teas are very popular now.

First, lotus leaf hawthorn fat-soluble tea ingredients: a handful of dried lotus leaves (about 10 grams), 20 grams of dried hawthorn (about 15 pieces), 10 grams of barley, 10 grams of peel, 10 grams of rock sugar, 700ml of free water (this is for one person, pregnant women should not take it).

Practices: 1. Wash the dried lotus leaves, dried hawthorn, barley and tangerine peel, remove them and put them in a pot.

2. Pour 700ml of water into the pot. After boiling over high heat, turn to medium heat and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

3, add rock sugar to the pot, put it in a drain net, pour the cooked tea into the pot, stir until the rock sugar melts.

Efficacy: People who are overweight, or who are overburdened by the stomach and intestines, can reverse this tea to achieve the effects of reducing fat and losing weight.

Second, the raw materials of sour root tea: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of amaranth, 10 grams of corn, 10 grams of tea root, similar to sugar.

Method: The above flavors are crushed into coarse powder, and the decoction is used for juice.

Efficacy: Absolutely good drink for weight loss.

Boil a cup after meals, not only to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also to enjoy the sweet and sour taste.

Diuretic and lipid-lowering, those with hypertension and those with hypertension.

Third, chrysanthemum and hawthorn slimming tea raw materials: 6g chrysanthemum, 6g hawthorn, 6g bupleurum, 6g honeysuckle, 6g green tea.

Practice: 1. Wrap hawthorn, firewood, honeysuckle in small cloth bags.

2. Take a tea cup, put in a medicine bag, chrysanthemum and green tea, pour 350 ml of boiling water, and let it cool.

Efficacy: One dose per day, can be washed back several times, adhere to the daily, can be thin and fat.

Homemade slimming tea of rose and jujube slimming tea.